Saturday, March 6, 2010

Processing vs. SVG Go

Processing vs. SVG Go
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This screenshot compares developing the same graphic using Processing and the SVG Go Library.

Top row: from the left: Processing code, Go Code (in TextWrangler), Command lines to run the Go code

Bottom row: Processing output, Go-generated SVG rendered in Safari and Chrome

The workflow for Processing is familiar: enter code, hit the run button. For Go: edit/write code, move to a shell window, compile, open a browser.
For subsequent runs, just hit refresh in the browser to see the result.

Both methods support rapid prototyping and sketching -- the Go compiles are so fast it's almost the same as hitting the run button in Processing. As you can see the results are identical

In terms of code, both environments are similar -- there is almost a one-to-one correspondence, however SVG and Processing treat ellipse width differently.

I note that the syntax highlighting of graphics functions in Processing tells me at a glance what the program is doing -- this is less apparent with the Go program.

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