Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tumblr Grid

Attending the inaugural golang ny group at the Tumblr offices, inspired me to add tumblrgrid to the collection of SVGo clients. Tumblrgrid makes a SVG file that displays a flexible, clickable grid of pictures from a set tumblr blogs, possibly filtered with tags. Data may be read from a live network or from a local cache. You can get tumblrgrid with:
$ go get
You will need to edit the source to add your own tumblr API key. The command options are:
 -f=false: read from local files
 -g=5: gutter (pixels)
 -n=30: picture limit
 -nc=5: number of columns
 -p=false: link to original post
 -tag="": filter tag
 -tw=75: thumbnail width
An interesting use of tumblrgrid is to view pictures from related tumblrs. For example, this list:
represents a chain of tumblrs that refer to each other. After collecting them in a file called tlist, this command line:
$ tumblrgrid -nc 4 -n 20 `cat tlist`
Changing the command line to
$ tumblrgrid -nc 2 -n 20 `cat tlist`
reduced the number of columns to 2 which causes the labels to be rotated.