Wednesday, December 9, 2009

TweetFreq Go Language web Server (wtf): Browser, console, source

TweetFreq Go Language web Server (wtf): Browser, console, source

wtf is a specialized web server that also acts as client to twitter. wtf acts as a "compiler" for the browser, responding to requests with optimized "pre-cooked" JavaScript canvas directives---think of it as assembly language for the code in the browser that interprets canvas tag data. For example:


draw the markers. All computations like coordinate and object positioning is done by the wtf, not the browser.
Currently, wtf retrieves JSON from twitter. The XML results were over 2 times slower (with a slight loss of data, the JSON results lack the full name of the twitter user).

wtf takes about 5.6 seconds to build a tweetfreq from 10 users
consisting of 500 tweets. The bulk of the time is waiting for the
twitter search engine to respond.

wtf responds to requests in this format:

 /users/{userlist}?b={date}&e={date}&c={count}&m={marker-width}&p={picture width}&l={line-width}&s={spacing}

which specify the users and search/graphics/layout parameters


builds a visualization of the twitter update frequency for the users ajstarks, nytimes, cnn, and the mentions of the #golang hashtag during the period between December 5-9, 2009 (UTC), up to 100 tweets/user, with a marker width of 12 pixels, a picture width of 48 pixels,
line width of 24 pixels, with spacing of 60 pixels.

Planned updates include support for twitter lists in the form of


(improved support for authentication in the http package would be
helpful here...)

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