Sunday, March 21, 2010

Browser SVG Gallery - UI analysis

Browser SVG Gallery
Originally uploaded by ajstarks
This grid shows four modern browsers: Chrome (5.0.307.11) , Firefox (3.6) , Opera (10.10) , and Safari (4.0.5) displaying SVG content generated by SVGo. The browser UI's have been muted to emphasize the content. Some observations:

1) Chrome: shows more "chrome" than any of the others. Lot's of head space with it's tab structure, with an emphasis on the omnibox, but with a minimal number of controls (back, forward, refresh)

2) Firefox: as minimal as it gets, except for the OS X furniture, only minimal tab controls are visible

3) Opera: lots of buttons with space for the address box, but all in a single row

4) Similar to Opera, but with fewer buttons (only back and forward). The big ol' Google box looks conspicuous.

Note that both Opera and Safari allow for all controls to be suppressed so that you are left with pure content:

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