Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AIGA Symbols

AIGA Symbols by ajstarks
AIGA Symbols, a photo by ajstarks on Flickr.

This display of AIGA symbols from The Noun Project was created with the SVGo library and the "nouns" program.

nouns -j -n 10  aiga/*.svg

The program works by loading SVG files from thenounproject, wrapping them in group elements, and then applying random location, scale, color, opacity, and rotation. These properties are define by the type:

type Props struct {
    x, y    int
    c       string
    s, o, r float64

Here's the function that does the work:

func Jumble(s *svg.SVG, icons []string, w, h, n int) {
    for c := 0; c < n; c++ {
        for _, i := range icons {
            RandProps(w, h).Apply(s, i)

Given a list of icons names, defined by SVG group ids, create and apply random properties bound by a width and height to the ids

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