Saturday, September 15, 2007

Trends 2007: Syndication

The notion of syndication is now firmly entrenched in the post Web 1.0 world --- anything that matters can now has a feed; from web pages, blogs, news items, photos, you name it. Once you begin to use syndication (via built in browser facilities, web-based reader, or dedicated reader, it's impossible to go back. The ability to sift through a mountain of information (of your own choosing, much of it discovered from other feeds) is addictive --- in a good way. You can move at your own pace, fast or slow, through your own carefully constructed information space, consuming items as diverse as: Bullet Points, the Ten Greatest Advancements in Fast Food and Greenspan Is Critical Of Bush in Memoir.

Syndication changes the way you consume information -- you are now in control of how they receive your information via the subscription, and in turn you consume information on your terms --- by headline, by, summary, full. Moreover, the information space is exportable, portable and sharable via OPML files.

I believe that syndication is largely unexploited in mainstream IT shops -- however this could be changing, in fact some have elevated syndication to its own architecture.

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