Monday, September 17, 2007

Trends 2007: Scripting Language Web Frameworks

As a platform for developing web applications, scripting language-based frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django are gaining in popularity and mindshare. Rails is famously used by 37signals to produce its suite of products, Basecamp (project management), Campfire (group chat), Backpack (information organization), and Highrise (contact management). The approach advocated by this framework is rapid development, convention over configuration, and embracing the web including the REST architectural style.

Django is interesting to me because it's based on python, embraces the notions that URLs are meaningful, and like RoR, built based on real-world experience and issues (the framework built for perfectionists with deadlines), and uses a MTV (Model/Template/View) worldview that allows designers to concentrate on look and layout, leveraging data provided by developers.

Recently there has been a move away from bigger, heavier weight frameworks like J2EE, to more agile frameworks. Some have even said that Java is like COBOL -- your dad's language. This move is described in "Better Web Application Development", by Sean Kelly, where J2EE gets a real smackdown in the face of Ruby on Rails, Zope/Plone, TurboGears, and Django. This is a great example of "evidence-based" architecture.

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