Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trends 2007: OLPC

The One Laptop Per Child project is interesting on a number of levels, its aim is to bring computing to a new set of people without the constraint of "installed base" and in doing so has the potential to improve computing for the rest of us. In effect the project asks the question -- "what should computing be like" instead of "we have this set of computing systems along with its built in constraints and conventions that you must deal with.

The OLPC has challenged the established PC players on two fronts, price, and function, and has met these challenges with a device that costs significantly less than current products, with features like an amazing dual mode display with higher resolution than 95% of the laptop displays on the market today (7.5 inch, 1200×900 pixel, TFT screen and self-refreshing display at 200 DPI), with 1/7th the power consumption. Add to this a new security model, mesh networking, and new UI, and you have a device that is pushing the boundaries of what a computing device should be.

For more on the OLPC design see: "How the OLPC Machine was Designed" this video which include details and demos of the software.

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